SlabLog Podcasts

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Hey! Guess what!? I'm reviving my old podcast idea. This time with help. Check out the beginnings here: 

Slablog - Phil Albritton

December End Of Year Report

12/31/2019 | Comments: 1 | Categories:

Wow! Looking back at my December calendar and this past year I have actually accomplished quite a bit. It just seems like sometimes I'm spinning my proverbial wheels and not getting anything done. The workshop/studio building has progressed continually, just slowly; soon I'll have the 100amp line run to the building and hooked in to my 100amp sub box. All but a couple of my circuits are already run inside the building and the 2 left are water heater and sewer ejector pump, neither of which I (...)

Studio/Workshop Update

12/22/2019 | Comments: 2 | Categories:

tree Sadly, not a lot to tell that involves art work being done. These cooler days with so much rainy miserable weather doesn't contribute to the situation either. 

A few weeks ago I rented the big "Ditch Witch" trench digging machine and with the help of Pete and his son Josh, we got the trench dug for the 100 amp power line to be placed (...)

Plate Tectonics in Phillip's World

11/13/2019 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

  electwiringIn science I learned about plate tectonics and how plates move so slowly they are measured in fractions of inches per decade. That's slow! (...)


Lack Of Motivation

11/09/2019 | Comments: 2 | Categories:

Phil Sipping Drink Since the cancellation of the Williams Station Day festival, I've noticed a severe drop in my motivation level. Several factors have contributed to this (...)


Bookbinding Craft

10/29/2019 | Comments: 2 | Categories:

BookbindingBook  I became interested in bookbinding as a result of wanting to make my own Letterboxing stamp books a few years ago. (...)


Festival Cancelled

10/26/2019 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

WSDposter The biggest arts and crafts festival in Atmore was scheduled for today. A month or so ago I decided I wanted to show some work at this exhibit (...)

Commission Portraits

10/18/2019 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

enigma Some time ago I gave up doing commission portrait art work because it was just too annoying and stressful for me dealing with people's fragile egos in relation to how they appear in a portrait of themselves. (...)


Little Bird Paintings

10/08/2019 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

Pear   A few years ago I painted a series of 4 small (12 x 12 in) fruit paintings and began a process of using the same images to make tee shirts and (...)


Grace Painting

10/03/2019 | Comments: 0 | Categories:

grace This small painting of my granddaughter, Grace, was done for her 8th birthday. For the reference photo, (...)