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  • Lack Of Motivation

    Since the cancellation of the Williams Station Day festival, I've noticed a (...)

  • Little Bird Paintings

    A few years ago I painted a series of 4 small (12 x 12 in) fruit (...)

  • Grace Painting

    This small painting of my granddaughter, Grace, was done for her 8th (...)

  • Juvy Painting

    This painting is 24 x 30 inches. I did this one of my current filipina (...)

  • Jenny Painting

    Jenny and I married the first time in 1994. We had a great time for about 9 (...)

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Portrait Paintings

Portrait Paintings


This album will hold portrait oil paintings...

Audrey Painting
Debra Painting
Indigo Bunting
Little 5 Points
Missy and Boys
Phil Painting Small Book Covers
Self Portrait

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