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  • Commission Portraits

    Some time ago I gave up doing commission portrait art work because it was (...)

  • Grace Painting

    This small painting of my granddaughter, Grace, was done for her 8th (...)

  • Juvy Painting

    This painting is 24 x 30 inches. I did this one of my current filipina (...)

  • Jenny Painting

    Jenny and I married the first time in 1994. We had a great time for about 9 (...)

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Portrait Paintings

Portrait Paintings


This album will hold portrait oil paintings...

Audrey Painting
Bennion On Bridge
Carter Towing Family
Clint in Corduroy
Debra Painting
Hannah and Cats
I've Yelled Til I'm Blue In the Face
Kenworth Girls
Mama Drawing
Marfa Barber
Missy and Boys
Missy and Kids
Self Portrait
Staff With Big Fish
Timber Creek

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