Phil always gravitated towards art and drawing since early childhood. After a short stint in the U.S. Air Force he got an early out and went to art school/college spending his remaining military obligation in the Air Force reserves for another 5 years or so. He attended Pensacola Junior College and moved on to the University of Florida for the last two years of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in visual arts/printmaking, graduating in December of 1980.

Some of the drawings you see here on the web site are from that schooling period or shortly thereafter. He moved to Georgia in 1984 to look for employment and stayed there for 32 years working at various picture framing adventures all the while doing commission art work and free lance illustration in the Atlanta metro area. He continued his formal education at Georgia State University and eventually picked up a second degree in Art Education at Kennesaw State University. He managed to use that second degree to secure a teaching position in Cherokee County, GA for 13 years. He retired from that at 62 and bought the tent and art booth accessories you see in the pic below. He now resides in a small house in Atmore, Alabama where he built his dream studio/workshop and continues to do art work, picture framing, and motorcycle maintenance.


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