Little Bird Paintings

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Pear   A few years ago I painted a series of 4 small (12 x 12 in) fruit paintings and began a process of using the same images to make tee shirts and small sketch books with the fruit images on the covers. I managed to get 6 or 8 books made in each fruit and hand painted the covers. I also produced one 4-color tee shirt design and printed those on yellow tee shirts. Those tee shirts were modestly popular among family and friends, and I ended up giving most away as gifts, as well as the small sketch books. Mostly to kids. Fast forward to 2019 and I am doing the same concept with little birds! So far I have one painting almost completed and beginning the 2nd one. The birds are "Indigo Bunting", "Great Tit", "American Gold Finch", and a "Nerjarob". My brother has suggested I do a woodpecker, and I may change one of my 4 to a woodpecker before they're done. And maybe not.

blue bird

I like to put lettering in paintings somehow, and the fruit paintings are labeled as part of the I plan to include an informational 'blurb' painted into the bird pieces as well.


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