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WSDposter The biggest arts and crafts festival in Atmore was scheduled for today. A month or so ago I decided I wanted to show some work at this exhibit as a juried artist and maybe win one of the cash prizes offered by the Chamber of Commerce. Everything was developing as planned. I planned to show some pieces that I needed to borrow from various family members and friends. Just so the people here could see some things I've done that they haven't seen before. I was all ready to go and the storm to the west of us began creating a problem. It was also meeting another "tropical storm" coming in from the Gulf of Mexico, and between the two of them, the weather here in Atmore was to possibly be threatening with lightning, winds, heavy rain and maybe tornadoes. As the past week developed, it looked more and more like our area would be impacted. The Chamber of Commerce, the sponsors of the festival, waited until Friday morning to make the final decision but the William Station Day festival was cancelled. I personally had already decided I would bow out and throw in the towel to avoid any possible damage to borrowed original works of art.


We still had the Friday night Patrons Party at the Country Club and I got to meet several of the other exhibitors and Atmore business patrons while taking advantage of a table full of hors d'ouevres and listening to a local musician sing Elton John songs. It was fun! As it turned out, most of the damaging storm activity was just west of us near Mobile, but it still threatens to move this way. It was a wise move on the part of the Chamber, and I'm glad they called it off. This way, my registration fees all will apply to next year's festival. Now I have a year to do some more work so I don't have to borrow from others.

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