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BookbindingBook  I became interested in bookbinding as a result of wanting to make my own Letterboxing stamp books a few years ago. I ordered a couple of bookbinding books and learned how to cut, fold and sew the pages together and glue the paper and fabric covers onto backing boards and then glue them together using flour based and acid free glues of various kinds. I went on to make a couple dozen small sketch books with painted covers to give away as gifts. I also experimented with different styles of books and made some specialty books to fill with my drawings. I can't wait to get my studio up and running so I can have a devoted area for bookbinding again and create some unusual books in which to place drawings and small paintings surrounded by 'found' objects and small collectible items that I've held onto for years.


At one point in 2012 I almost signed up for a course at Penland Crafts school in North Carolina to take their bookbinding classes. I wish I had done it now. Time gets away from you.

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Travis Barlow: on 12/22/2019

I have two volumes of Andrew Jackson's life by Partin published in mid 1800's that really need some work.....does that sound like something you would want to do?


P. Albritton: on 12/27/2019

I would love to work on those sometime. My problem is the same I've had getting the studio up and running in general. Getting power and plumbing finished is taking forever and then I can get the walls up and create a small "clean" area devoted solely to bookbinding and picture frame mat cutting. This type of work really needs a work area that is not compromised with sawdust and paint cemicals, etc. Right now I still have all my binding materials and tools in boxes. Those books from the 1800s are bound the same as books are hand bound today. Craftsmen have used the same techniques for centuries, and I really would like to see if I could get them in shape. If I see them and don't think I can, I'll tell you. Better to back off than create more damage than already exists.

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