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Phil Sipping Drink Since the cancellation of the Williams Station Day festival, I've noticed a severe drop in my motivation level. Several factors have contributed to this but I can't seem to shake it and it's been a couple of weeks ongoing. I managed to complete one of the little bird series of paintings and started on the 2nd, but just can't get back into it. The very large canvas that awaits me for a special portrait project also looms over my psyche every time I go into the workshop. Yesterday and the day before, I managed to get a pencil sketch drawn onto it for the basic idea on canvas, but so far no paint has been squeezed out of any tubes for actual work on it.

 I did manage to move the painting tools and supplies back out to the studio, thereby making my guest bedroom habitable again. There is a lingering smell of oil paint and mineral spirits however. Today it seems to be developing into a nice sunny Saturday, albeit much cooler than it has been; 44 this morning. The sunny weather, no matter how cool, is so much more invigorating to me for working in the shop. Heaven knows I have a ton of stuff to do; Cleaning, painting, building a printing vacuum table, putting up some sheetrock, putting fan blades on the ceiling fans, reclaiming some large silk screen frames...tons of stuff.

 Today at 2:30 is the Alabama vs. LSU college football game on TV, so I will also need to take time to watch that until it gets either boring or so sad I can't stand it anymore. But I have until 2:30 to get busy. Gotta walk some too! Well I guess I better get at it...right after I eat my oatmeal. :-)



Lloyd: on 11/11/2019


You CAN do it.  Just create a crises in your own mind every day.  If you don't do it, millions of innocent people will die.

Fill-Up: on 11/12/2019

You may be right. I seem to be more productive under pressure.

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