Plate Tectonics in Phillip's World

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  electwiringIn science I learned about plate tectonics and how plates move so slowly they are measured in fractions of inches per decade. That's slow! Sometimes I think of my studio development like that. Things aren't moving very fast around Atmore. The photo below represents just an ordinary truck in front of Home Depot to most people. To me it represents "movement" toward my studio/workshop being done. Let me explain.


This is MY truck and those pipes in the back are the 10 foot lengths of electrical conduit that I will use to run electrical cable from the main box at the house, out to to the workshop. In the next couple of weeks I'll go down to Bondurant's and rent that Ditch-Witch machine and dig a long trench for that cable and conduit. That will be a major step in getting electricity out to my studio/workshop. My buddy, Pete Coon, is supposed to be helping me get that done and I hope he's able to enlist the additional help of his son. We may need him to operate that machine! I already have 99% of the inside wiring circuits run and just waiting on power hook-up to finish the wall coverings and fixtures inside. I have been able to do quite a bit inside without the power since I am running off two long extension cords to the building, but once I get the wiring all finished I can proceed to put up the sheetrock/plywood/pegboard wall coverings and get my working tools etc. in their proper places. Shelving and storage hooks and such will be a big help in getting items off the floor and up where they can be organized and useful. Right now, I have to dig and look for everything I need to use and my tools and supplies are scattered all over a big round table. Plus the lighting situation is totally dependent on the weather and how sunny it is outside for me to be able to see what I'm doing INSIDE. More later!


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