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tree Sadly, not a lot to tell that involves art work being done. These cooler days with so much rainy miserable weather doesn't contribute to the situation either. 

A few weeks ago I rented the big "Ditch Witch" trench digging machine and with the help of Pete and his son Josh, we got the trench dug for the 100 amp power line to be placed for the workshop building power. Then that project ground to a halt. Since then it has rained several times and despite my weak efforts to keep dirt out of the trench, it persists in soaking the ground and caving back into it. I dig some rains...dirt caves in...Then I dig more out, etc. etc. and so it goes. 

I managed to order, receive and install my 3 big LED light strips inside the shop so the circuit with the lights on it are ready for operation. I need to buy the $300 20 gal Rheem water heater and get that installed with the power and plumbing, then that circuit will be done. I also still need the $300 ejector pump which will have its own electrical circuit.


In the meantime, I purchased a small utility trailer to haul Lil Chubb, and constructed a wooden front wheel chock for it. Also, the Mazda has been paid off so I have a "guy" from the Credit Union in Georgia out looking for me a new-er truck so I can tow the bike around next summer. That will greatly enhance my ability to ride up in the mountains more often this coming season. Looking to get either a small 6 cylinder Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier or a Chevy Colorado for this purpose.


As I stated earlier, this rain has hampered my spirits concerning progress on all fronts but I plan to drive up to Atlanta later today and spend Christmas up there this year.


P. Albritton: on 12/22/2019

Make your comments below! I welcome all comments...good or bad!

Travis Barlow: on 12/22/2019

Looking are the Renaissance man, Phil.


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