December End Of Year Report

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Wow! Looking back at my December calendar and this past year I have actually accomplished quite a bit. It just seems like sometimes I'm spinning my proverbial wheels and not getting anything done. The workshop/studio building has progressed continually, just slowly; soon I'll have the 100amp line run to the building and hooked in to my 100amp sub box. All but a couple of my circuits are already run inside the building and the 2 left are water heater and sewer ejector pump, neither of which I have yet anyway. I could do wonders with some lights though! I purchased three big 8 foot LED light banks and have those already installed. A few weeks ago we got the trench dug for the line from the house main box and were stopped by rain. The rain has since began making the trench really muddy inside, so I've been busy redigging it out by hand when I have the energy and desire to do that. I can't wait to get that wire in the conduit and the conduit in the ground so I can fill up that trench and not worry with it anymore.

Trench With Conduit

This past month, December, my wife, Juvy, decided to take an additional job in the Atlanta area and after running back and forth from Atmore to Atlanta a few times she just took a temporary AirBnB room in Georgia while she works there. During that process of driving back and forth, I decided it was time for a new truck. I kept the 20 year old Toyota Tacoma but now have a 2019 Nissan Frontier with more power for towing. Juvy keeps the little Mazda car in Atlanta for her to drive there. She was spending a lot on Uber up there. Also this month I purchased a new small trailer for towing the bike for rides up in north Georgia and Virginia this next season.

New Frontier Truck

There is a lot to look forward to and do this next year, and my resolutions include traveling more and riding more and finishing my workshop. As with most, that will just about all hinge on how much income we have this year and how we manage it, but life has been rich this year and I can't really complain.

Workshop Progress

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